Soon you will be parents. Together you entered the rollercoaster of family life that’s about to begin. Everything tends to be more intense from now on. Higher highs and lower lows.

It is for good reason that we humans are pregnant for such a long period. It gives us time to prepare physically, emotionally and also on the material level to give birth, to nurse and take care of our little one, to become a parent! Most of us keep leading a hectic life until shortly before birth. We often find it hard to take time and concentrate on the new stage of life in which we are about to embark. And let’s face it- sometimes it’s very hard to imagine how life will be with a new baby.

We believe that you are the most meaningful figure in a new human beings life and, your baby will be depending on you and your love for her/him in order to thrive. Translating your unconditional love for your child into everyday action is the challenge.

That’s why we have thoughtfully designed the BabyMoon retreat- JUST FOR YOU!

Picture yourself sitting on a Mediterranean veranda, overlooking the beautiful Alpujarra mountains surrounding you, with a glimpse of the sea afar. Or see yourself relaxing in the swimming pool…knowing it’s your last vacation together before becoming a parent… Feel the luxury, enjoy the food and let yourself be completely nourished.

Meanwhile, rest assure, we have created several learning sessions for you designed to support you with your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting and your intimate relationship. BabyMoon is designed to both support you on your parenting journey and offer you ample time to relax and spend time together as a couple in a beautiful and nurturing environment, privately and with other parents-to-be.

In addition,  we offer a variety of treatments on request, all included: massage, yoga, private sessions with any of your team members in their specialised field, etc…

So CHOOSE to take a break, CHOOSE for yourself, CHOOSE to learn and know more, CHOOSE to relax!

BOOK you BabyMoon retreat NOW, and create a beautiful foundation for your journey as a parent!

*BabyMoon is typically taken during the second trimester of pregnancy, when pre-natal complications and pre-term birth risk is at its lowest.