The BabyMoon is a 6-day retreat of which day 1 and day 6 are arrival and departure days. The 4 days of the program will consist of morning and evening activities organised by one or more of the BabyMoon team members.

The rest of the day is open for complimentary services such as massage, couples coaching, belly casting, photo-shoot etc. which are available on request. One evening session will be left available for you to fill in as you wish…

The cost of the program is between  € 1095 and € 1245 per person depending on chosen accommodation.

Price includes:

See the detailed sample program to learn more about the content of the BabyMoon retreat:

Last Trimester:
During two sessions, we’ll explore everything involved in this specific phase of pregnancy: dealing with physical inconveniences, bodily preparations to give birth, use of the rebozzo cloth during pregnancy and labor, and more

Conflict of needs
Another individual is joining your life soon and will have his/her own needs. Together we will have a look at and practice how to deal with the inevitable conflicts that arise from this new situation.

Couples EFT
We´ll be introducing Emotionally Focused Therapy as a way to view and improve the quality of your romantic relationship. It will offer you the necessary tools in times of conflict and stress.

The 5 Stages of birth:
Description of the different stages of labor: what happens physically and emotionally. Developing an understanding often helps in dealing with emotions, pain and making the right decisions.

The language of Crying
For your baby, crying will be one of the most important ways of communicating. We´ll explore the meanings of crying. Why does a baby cry, what does it mean and how you can respond.

Control Patterns
In our view, anything that you do to suppress your (negative) emotions can develop into a control pattern. What is the influence of those patterns on your own and family life?  

Planning your birth
Here we will have a look at which conscious choices you can make to take your birth into your own hands. Where would you like to give birth? How and with whom? What do you like or not like? And how do you make that clear to the person who will be with you? As a follow-up, you can plan a private session with Hagar to deliberate on your own birth plan.

How do you create your our own safe zone? Breastfeeding with and without support, the effects of medical birth on breastfeeding, and how you can work around it when it does happen.

The Amazing Placenta 
During this session you will learn about the function of the placenta, and what you can do to get the most benefit from this miraculous organ during and after birth.

Pampering mothers
During this session, while the men are hiking, the ladies amongst us will have a session of pampering, relaxation and empowerment.

Fathers Walk
During a hike the men will take a closer look at fatherhood and the very special role a father has in the life of his child(ren).