About us

The BabyMoon concept came to life out of our desire to work more holistically with parents-to-be in an inspiring, beautiful and relaxing environment. Our passion for conscious parenting and healthy relationships brought us together as a group. Our mission is to develop and share ideas, knowledge, tools and the love for natural birth. We work both locally and internationally with mothers, fathers, couples and families.

Meet your BabyMoon team-members:

About Hagar – Doula 

As a young child I was fascinated with childbirth. My first dream was to become a midwife, but things turned out differently. I had my own intensive journey to go through, to find my own strength and feel empowered before I could support other women and their partners in their birth journeys. Peet and I are parents of three (20, 15 and 10) who arrived in this world in three very different ways and gave me the gift of finding trust in my body and my process and strengthening the bond with my partner. This lead to becoming a doula. I have years of experience in free education, and I have been a certified doula since 2013.

I believe every person should gather the information they need in order to make an informed decision, the one that is right for them. This is true for a child, a parent, for any of us. It has an even more important role in childbirth and parenting, where our western world encourages us to forget our instincts and our inner knowledge in favor of machinery and hospitals.

My mission is to support, accommodate and inform women and their partners so that they can discover and feel comfortable in the journey to parenthood that is right for them.

During the BabyMoon retreats I will give workshops and hands-on information concerning all childbirth related matters. I will be there to answer questions, to talk, to ensure, to hug…to make you feel at home and safe at this step of your path. (To know more about what I do: www.doulamia.es)

About Leemore – Doula, massage- and Reiki-therapist

Since a very young age I have been passionate about birth and babies. Originally from Israel,  I fell in love with an Irish man and have been living in Dublin over 20 years now.

I trained as a massage and Reiki therapist in 2000, studied the 1st Baby Massage instructor training in 2003 and have been passionately teaching mums to massage their babies ever since.  In 2007 I finally became a birth-doula.

I have 3 children of my own. Two of which were born in the hospital and the youngest at home in the water. I have been breastfeeding all 3, each with his/her own story and have been accompanying woman in there first steps as new mom’s

In 2016 I opened my own “Red Tent” (https://www.holisticnurture.com) and am always there to support families in the making!

About Laura – Pedagogue /
Aware Parenting Instructor 

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life! Great because you have the opportunity to experience life in it’s highest highs and lowest lows. It is an amazing, precious, challenging and confronting journey. Because of the huge impact that parenthood has on your life I believe that all parents need support. Preparing for this special task is no frivolous luxury, it is an absolute necessity.

Jesse and I have 3 kids and we are living our wonderful journey with them. Being ourselves, parents, lovers and colleagues is a challenge. Finding a way to respect and accept one another and becoming aware of our own needs and how to deal with them together, makes life interesting and an ongoing learning process.

About Jesse- Psychologist/coach

I am a psychologist/coach experienced in working both on the mental and physical level with kids, adolescents and adults. For the last years, my partner Laura and I have been increasingly focussing on the support of family life. We are organizing programs for children and parents in which we aim on fostering awareness and connection.
Together with Laura, I am the parent of 3 kids. A girl aged 6, a boy aged 4 and  our youngest son was born October 2016.
During your BabyMoon I will organise input and activities especially for the men. Also I will be co-facilitate couples coaching (EFT). You can find more about me through my linkedin-profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesseverboom/

About Peet- Finance, coordination, organisation…

Holistic parenting always interested me, long before becoming a father (inspired by Krishnamurti, Jung, Alan Watts, and others…) Since the birth of our oldest daughter I have been walking this path with my partner and children (now aged 20 ,15 and 10) in terms of their birth, being aware of their needs, their health and education…

In daily life I am the founder and manager of BioThee.nl, an organic online tea shop, and am occasionally involved in different entrepreneurial projects. The passion of the three ladies in this group brought us together and during nice meals on the terrace BabyMoon was born…

For BabyMoon I will facilitate, organise, do some finance and behind-the-seen work.